Nissan GTR: Is It Really The Most Hilarious Stanced Whip Of All Time

Whether it’s the old Skylines that dominated the Fast & Furious movies or the current, more upgraded R35s, the Nissan GTR is regarded as a car that should not be trifled with.

The Nissan GTR easily earns its place with highly recognized supercars such as the Audi R8, Mercedes AMG GT, and even the Ferrari 458. It has a rich heritage spanning generations of automobile conversation.

But what causes it to be so quick? A simple stage 4.25 adjustment may improve the Nissan GTR’s output to about 650 HP.

The Nissan GTR hunts several supercars with ease because of its outstanding four-wheel-drive system and clever torque vectoring onboard computer.

But, now that we know these automobiles are ballistically quick, how wonderful do they look?

Incredible Performance Of The Nissan GTR

As a result, in addition to its engine, the Nissan GTR’s body and exterior panels can be substantially modified as well. Perhaps it was because of this that we decided that the GTR below was the most outrageous stance whip we’d ever seen.

This low-riding, wide-body, flame-throwing monster is, in our opinion, the scariest-looking and most stupidly stanced vehicle ever.

This Rocket Bunny Nissan GTR, which appears to be hovering an inch above the ground and is as broad as a double-decker bus, is a beast.

Each body panel has been changed with a larger, wider one if you look closely enough.

The rear arches appear to be designed to accommodate the wide-spaced wheels. Because they jut out nearly 30%+ more than stock, those wheels appear to have dual-disk spacers or one enormous spacer.

The rear wing must create a lot of downforce, judging by the two rear support bars attached to the diffuser.

The side skirts and rear diffuser have been bulked up to make them stand out even more. They appear to be composed of carbon fiber and gloss black lightweight materials, and they contribute to the GTR’s existing racer-style appearance.

This Rocket Bunny GTR looks as badass from the front as it does from the back, with 650 horsepower and 700 pound-feet of torque.

Rocket Bunny’s fierce demeanor is enhanced by the entire carbon fiber bonnet. The many vents and scoops on the hood help this automobile look crazy fast and sound incredibly loud when viewed up close.

We believe the front canards are the largest we’ve ever seen on a car. The car’s front stance appears much better than the back thanks to updated LED DRLs and massive front arches.

This GTR is as quick as it seems, with rumors of a nitrous tank hidden in the back seats. But how much does one of these things set you back?

The price of this car, including all of the work that has been done to it, is estimated to be around $137,000, according to rough estimates.

Kream Developments and Liberty Walk are two such organizations that do fantastic work with Nissan GTRs.

Reasons for Stancing Cars

The causes are numerous, but the most important ones are related to speed and power. Car culture has been impacted by competitions to discover who could create the biggest, baddest, loudest, and quickest car.

However, unnecessarily customizing a car has its drawbacks, with some people finding them undesirable.

Of course, some motorcycles look fantastic when they’re stanced. Overall, whether your car is stanced or not, whether you like ‘stancers’ or not, it’s wonderful to see the car community has a variety of idiosyncrasies and passions, with a variety of sectors to suit everyone

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