Honda’s First Electric SUV Features you should know


Honda has a diverse product line that includes (but is not limited to). It’s also recognized for being a well-known brand, with various well-known models, such as the Honda Civic, which has been refreshed for 2022.

Honda wants to convert all of its driver-focused vehicles to all-electric models by 2030.

The release of the new Honda Prologue, Honda’s first electric SUV, in 2024 will be a significant step forward in this quest.

This oddly called vehicle is the first of its kind, with additional electric vehicles expected to hit the market in the coming years.

While most specifics are being kept under wraps for the time being, some material has already been made public. Continue reading to find out what has been revealed about Honda’s Prologue electric SUV.

The Legacy

Honda's First Electric SUV Features you should know

Given that this car symbolizes the beginnings of Honda’s plan to be entirely electric by 2040, the term “Prologue” seems ironic.

It’s the start of Honda’s new “electrified age,” in which the company wants to make all of its vehicles zero-emission by 2040.

Honda was said to have trademarked the term in April 2021, prompting suspicion that a vehicle bearing that name would be launched soon.

While the vehicle isn’t expected until the first half of 2024, Honda is getting ready, starting with a new website where potential purchasers can remain up to current on new information as it becomes available.

In addition, Honda will introduce an all-electric Acura SUV around the same time, which will work in combination with the Honda Prologue to assist the company to achieve its goal.

Honda wants both vehicles to be extremely competitive and capable of serving a diverse population of customers.

Both vehicles will be powered by General Motors Ultium batteries, which are designed specifically for electric vehicles.

Honda believes that the functionality and packaging that come standard with Honda vehicles will be retained in these two battery-electric SUVs and that these features will not be sacrificed in the company’s desire to become more environmentally friendly.

The corporation wants to be carbon neutral by 2050, in addition to lowering emissions to zero.

This can only be done if electric car sales meet their sales targets, demonstrating that these targets are realistic and achievable.

While Honda has previously introduced electric vehicles in the United States, such as the EV Plus in 1997, the Insight in 1999, and the FCX in 2002, the Prologue will be the first SUV.

Honda believes that customers who prefer hybrid vehicles now will be far more likely to purchase a battery-electric vehicle in the future, so they’ve adjusted their strategy to include more battery-electric vehicles soon.

Honda is presently aiming to place the Prologue’s yearly sales estimates midway between the Passport and Pilot SUVs.

The Plan

Honda's First Electric SUV Features you should know

This will be followed by a succession of electric vehicles, all of which will be constructed on Honda’s proprietary “Honda e-Architecture.” By 2030, Honda intends battery-electric and fuel-cell vehicles to account for 40% of all sales.

To accomplish whole and complete battery-electric and fuel-cell car sales by 2040, the next phase will be to reach 80% five years later.

On the other hand, other automotive manufacturers have a big head start over Honda, which will now need to catch up to stay on schedule.

The Clarity EV has been phased out, and the Honda E-City is now only available in Europe and Japan. However, hydrogen and plug-in hybrid variants of the Clarity EV will continue to be sold for the time being.


Honda's First Electric SUV Features you should know

Because Honda intends to go away from making gasoline-powered cars, the Prologue’s battery, which uses GM’s Ultrium Cells, EV platform, and battery packs, will be crucial.

Honda wants 40% of its sales to be battery-electric and fuel-cell-based by 2030, as previously stated, thus they will have to invest considerably in both batteries and hydrogen fuel cells.

Furthermore, once the “Honda e-Architecture” platform is released, the battery-powered component is expected to last less time and be less conspicuous.

Honda wants to move away from combustion and gasoline-powered engines, and the Prologue, unlike past electric models, will be the first in a series, not a one-off model like some predecessors.

Batteries from Honda and Acura EVs will also be recycled. The batteries are being processed at a Honda recycling facility before being shipped to a commercial selling plant that is now under development and set to open in 2022.

Honda is so confident in this project that it has raised $20 million to support it.

In The Dark

Honda's First Electric SUV Features you should know

Because 2024 is still a few years away, Honda is keeping most specifics about the Prologue under wraps, but a few have already been revealed.

Although the Prologue’s name, aims, schedule, and new operations have all been published, there is still a lot of speculation and discussion about the design, price, and inner workings of the Prologue and its sibling Acura vehicle.

However, as a result of Honda’s cooperation with Acura, both vehicles will be manufactured in North American factories. A new partnership with General Motors will ensure a stable supply of batteries.

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