Top 5 Luxury Car Brands for the Super-Rich: A Look at the Best of the Best

Luxury cars are quite expensive strictly made for the super-rich who have the financial power often targeted at celebrities and accomplish professionals who grave for standout vehicles in every sense of the word.

This can mean more high-tech features, or a better and more refined finish, or top-notch performance, and perhaps all of the above.

Of course, while all luxury car brands build their products to a higher standard to better meet the expectations of the clientele, not every luxury brand is built the same.

Some brands have a reputation for making vehicles that are a cut above others in a class filled with exceptional automobiles.

In today’s world, it is practically difficult to Shop for a new automobile, even as consumers have more resources than ever to help them research from their own homes before setting foot in the high-pressure dealership environment.

The good news is that there are a lot of great cars on the market right now. On the flip side, that can make it even more difficult to figure out which cars are the very best. Here are the 5 most popular brands for you.


Car Brands: Here's The 5 Most Popular In 2021

Consistency has made the world loved this Luxury brand known as Porsche which is synonymous with both high-end sporty vehicles and race cars.

Nearly every model Porsche releases ranks near the top of its class if not on top of it.

But, while Porsche is perhaps best known for its sports cars, such as the iconic 911, Porsche earns top billings for being unafraid of expanding to other markets.

The timely introduction of the Cayenne with its state-of-the-art features has further made this brand stand out amongst its peers.


Car Brands: Here's The 5 Most Popular In 2021

Being a growing brand with fewer models in the industry, in less than a decade of existence Genesis has proven its worth with each of his 5 models establishing themselves as one of the best luxury cars in each of their respective segments as far as safety and reliability go.

No doubt, Genesis’ 10-year powertrain warranty plays a key role in this. With the Genesis G70, G80, and G90, all receiving rave reviews from critics and customers alike, Hyundai’s young luxury brand should only continue to grow.

Proving itself as a rising contender when it comes to luxury car brands.


Car Brands: Here's The 5 Most Popular In 2021

Tesla is driven by its technological advancement which is prevalent in almost all its models. The future is bright for this brand with its introduction of battery-electric cars and crossovers for the better part of the past decade.

All of Tesla’s vehicles are powered by electric powertrains that, in the Tesla Model S, allow the luxury sedan to go from zero to 60 miles per hour in just a little over 2 seconds.

Meanwhile, most of the interior functions are managed by a massive touchscreen heads-up display that constantly receives updates, as well as new features, and has since become the envy of every other vehicle manufacturer. Tesla is set to welcome a roadster and a pick-up in the years to come.


Car Brands: Here's The 5 Most Popular In 2021

Having to balance luxury with performance has been the selling point of the oldest automobile manufacturer in the world. Mercedes-Benz built itself on its touring roadsters and sedans.

However, in recent years, Mercedes-Benz has since expanded its lineup to include a growing number of crossover and SUV models to better cater to the growing needs of the market.

The beautiful interiors and styling, crisp handling, advanced safety systems, and a quiet cabin which are fitted with high-quality materials make it a world-class brand.

Certainly, the company’s years of experience making automobiles have become even more evident upon further inspection because Mercedes-Benz at the moment is evolving into more than just a luxury car brand that only a few can afford.

The Mercedes C Class and Mercedes GLB crossover represent Mercedes-Benz’s effort to lower the entry point and cater to a wider market.

Within its price tag, the Mercedes C class competes with VW Passat and BMW X3 but comes out as the superior vehicle in terms of performance.


Car Brands: Here's The 5 Most Popular In 2021

The advent of battery-electric vehicles has added more boast to a brand that had a reputation for its exciting and powerful sedans and sports cars.

In recent years, Jaguar has since adjusted their offerings according to the market. Its luxury compact SUV, the F-Pace, is one of the company’s best sellers.

It has several engine options available, topping out with a 5.0 Supercharged V8 with 542 hp and 680 Nm of torque.

This Britain’s premier automaker, Jaguar is known for powerful engines, excellent comfort, driving agility, and of course a distinctive aesthetic.

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