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2021 Mazda CX-30: This is why we love It

The 2021 Mazda CX-30 is not a super-size SUV as its name may suggest but a compact crossover with an unimaginable amount of interior space in a compact car footprint, which rivals other pint-sized utility vehicles like the Honda HR-V, Nissan Kicks, Subaru Crosstrek, Jeep Renegade and Hyundai Kona.

This compact Crossover CX-30 boasts an additional 2.5 Turbo for the 2021 model. It uses the same 2.5-liter turbo-4 found in the Mazda 3 Turbo that adds a new performance dimension to the CX-30.

Models with the non-turbo engine have been rebadged the CX-30 2.5 S, while all Turbo versions come with all-wheel drive.

CX-30 has also done a lot in the aspect of their infotainment spicing up the interior with advanced features. Having a plush feeling SUV with tidy handling and low CO2 emissions.

Its real strength lies in its ability to feel as luxurious as premium brands in this class at a much cheaper price.

Under the Hood

As standard, the CX-30 is motivated by Mazda’s 2.5-liter naturally aspirated I-4 that develops 186 hp and 186 lb-ft of torque.

The stylish little ute is rated at 24-25/31-33 mpg city/highway and you can choose between front- and all-wheel drive, with a six-speed automatic transmission either way. An AWD CX-30 scooted up to 60 mph in 7.8 seconds.

Those who were holding out for more power will be pleased with the addition of Mazda’s 2.5-liter turbo-four which produces 250 hp and 320 lb-ft on 93 octane premium gas, or 227 hp and 310 lb-ft on regular grades, all sent through standard all-wheel drive and a six-speed automatic.

The CX-30 is arguably the most precise, responding and fun to drive entry in the compact crossover field for those who enjoy driving. without exhibiting any of the harshness and lack of polish in some areas that can often sour the experience for daily drivers.

The 2.5 Turbo model and its 2.5-liter turbo-4 that makes 227 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque on regular-grade gas or 250 hp and 320 lb-ft on 93 octanes are recommended for those seeking the best driving experience.

The standard engine feels bogged down at low rpm, but the Turbo’s solid low-end torque makes the CX-30 more exciting to drive.

Comfort & Quality

The CX-30 compact Crossover is a five-seater vehicle that offers 20.2 cubic feet of cargo volume behind the rear seats and 45.2 with the seats folded down, compared to 30.9/59.6 cubes in the one-size-up CX-5 or 17.8/42.7 in the smaller CX-3.

Mazda deliberately took out the touch screen interface from the CX-30. The reason given for this design decision was that it’s always a distraction while on the move.

For this reason, all its versions come with a centrally mounted 8.8in infotainment display operated by an intuitive rotary controller, the latter being mounted between the front seats along with shortcut buttons.

Compared with the dashboard-dominating touchscreens of its rivals, the CX-30’s rotary controller makes it easier to scroll through lists and menus on the move, and Mazda’s software is just as responsive and easy to navigate.

Being known for its elegance, the infotainment system comes with an impressive array of features.

DAB radio, Bluetooth, sat-nav and smartphone mirroring via Apple CarPlay/Android Auto are now available on all the models to spice things up for Mazda.

The standard eight-speaker sound system is impressive enough, but a more powerful 12-speaker Bose setup is available in higher trims.

For comfort, space, and general refinement, the Mazda CX-30 is fantastic as the dashboard is slathered in squishy, expensive-looking material and there are lashings of leatherette trim in a choice of two colors.

Safety and Reliability

The 2021 CX-30 is one of the safest cars of it class to cruise around with as this was the recommendation from the crash test conducted by IIHS and NHTSA.

The CX-30 has all the requisite active safety features from automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control to active lane control which are available in all versions. Blind-spot monitors are standard on Select models and higher.

Mazda has not been able to tackle the rear roof pillars obstructing the driver’s blind spots which have always been the problem with cars of this size though its outward vision is good ahead and to the side.

UK clientele gets a three-year, 60,000-mile warranty, which is a match for those offered by Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, and Skoda.

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