Roll Royce Ghost: Here Are 3 Facts You Must Know


Roll Royce has turned the act of motorized forward motion into a more artful experience. Perhaps you’re having trouble distinguishing this all-new Rolls-Royce Ghost from the previous model, but the crew behind it has sweated the intricacies as usual.

Not that anyone at R-R does anything as obnoxious as sweating, but you get the idea.

The Spirit of Ecstasy, a beautiful ambassador from a distant country, perches at the prow of that massive bonnet, and the umbrella that nestles within the B-pillars in that slightly Q-from-James Bond gadgety style, appear to be the only carry-over components from the first Goodwood-era Ghost.

CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos claims that “Everything else was built from the ground up, created, developed, and engineered.

As a result, the new Rolls-Royce is the most technologically advanced yet. It distills our brand’s pillars into a beautiful, minimalist, yet a highly complicated product that is perfectly in tune with the demands of our Ghost clients and perfectly in sync with the times “.

The 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost is supremely Refined

Roll Royce Ghost: Here Are 3 Facts You Must Know

This Ghost isn’t any less magnificent than the others, it’s just a little more serious. It’s more respectable in terms of design, accommodations, and driving, yet it’s no less opulent and extravagant.

In the shadow of the bold yet firm Phantom, the old Ghost’s greatest sin was its softness in design, its lack of presence.

The softer lines, the less aggressive posture, always read as playful to me, which isn’t what you think of when you think of a Rolls-Royce.

I have to agree with Goodwood’s designers because the new Ghost is free of such idiocy. Moving the front axle forward, sharpening the creases, and smoothing the surfaces all help to make this Ghost significantly more aggressive and threatening. More in the vein of the Phantom.

A New Sharpness To The Ghost’s Dynamics

Roll Royce Ghost: Here Are 3 Facts You Must Know

This self-assurance is also imposed on the driving experience. When the original Phantom was meant to execute a turn at nothing less than a highly dignified pace, the old Ghost was the handler of the Rolls-Royce range, an admittedly simple bar to clear.

However, part of the Rolls-Royce isolation was lost in the process, with unrefined pavement sending unwelcome shimmies through the heavily modified BMW 7 Series chassis. That is no longer the case.

The Ghost rode on the legacy of the new Phantom  by considerably expanding its driving repertoire while preserving its “magic carpet” ride.

Both are now built on Rolls-own Royce’s “Architecture of Luxury,” which, thank you very much, is unrelated to the 7 Series in any manner.

As a result, the Phantom has gained some of the Ghost’s dynamic powers, while the Ghost has gained the Phantom’s refinements.

The Ghost performance now outsmart what it used to be with a much better handling. It has always handled well for a 5,400-pound sedan and  now has a fresh sense of confidence, with  the caveat gone.

It used to be enough that the Ghost turned in remarkably crisply and was astonishingly flat around a corner.

The 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost feels less like an obedient servant and more like an eager companion thanks to the clever all-wheel drive and rear-wheel steering.

Rather than simply permitting spirited driving, it embraces it. It has a mature playfulness about it, a readiness to let go a little.

Customers who live in the Hollywood Hills, deep in Malibu, or anywhere else with truly spectacular driving routes will notice the change right away.

After all, unlike Phantom owners, Ghost owners prefer to drive themselves rather than be escorted.

The Practicality

Roll Royce Ghost: Here Are 3 Facts You Must Know

The R R engineers has displayed professionalism and perfection with their work on the Ghost The lack of complete and total isolation is actually by design.

In an uncharacteristic moment of boastfulness, Rolls-Royce engineers say they tried building a car that was completely silent inside, and customers found it unnerving. Therefore, they allowed a certain amount of white noise back in.

At times, you can also hear engine throat clearing, a quiet rustle of air pouring out of the vents, and a distant thrum of rubber on asphalt.

Thankfully, you don’t hear the obnoxious wind noise surrounding the door mirrors that hampered the previous Ghost’s experience.

This deliberate inclusion of noise speaks to the direction of the interior redesign, which mirrors that of the exterior.

Every choice feels deliberate and unrepentant, whimsy traded for directness.

The old Ghost’s interior walked a tightrope of old-world design cues and designers’ attempts to hide necessary and desirable modern technology.

The 2021 Ghost wastes little time trying to hide modern technology and craftsmanship, often embracing them head on and forcing them to work together.

Cutting the Ghost name into the dashboard and surrounding it with 850 hand-drilled stars, and backlighting the whole menagerie is plenty opulent, but it comes off as high-tech and cool, not ostentatious and boorish.

The same applies to the night sky headliner with its customizable constellation of stars, including shooting stars.

That purposeful approach to change has resulted in many functional upgrades in the Ghost.

Apart from the appearance, the four doors are fully electrically operable now, opening or closing.

The fold-out picnic tables and multimedia tablets embedded in the front seat backs are now motorized and hide the tablets when not in use.

Similarly, the BMW iDrive-based rotary controller for the rear seats now hides behind a wood cover when not in use.

In front, where the infotainment system and controller are both expected and necessary to the vehicle’s operation, they’re embraced rather than hidden away.

This is an essential theme of the modern Rolls-Royce. Make no effort to hide what doesn’t need to be hidden. Pull no punches.

Meet the necessary straight on, and pick which features actually need to be out of sight. Find ways to enhance the luxury experience without inhibiting functionality or hiding things unconvincingly. Pick your battles and win them decisively.

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