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The GS-6 has brought a rapid change to Karma Automotive which was born of the remains of Fisker more than five years ago and still hasn’t managed to make as many cars as the original.

Reputation is a funny thing as a good one is easy to lose and a bad one is difficult to overcome.

The GS-6 is the best iteration of this car so far, by significant measure, but its understandable resemblance to those earliest, troubled versions might not be entirely counting in its favor.

It takes actually driving it to see the improvements in power, refinement, weight reduction, and just plain entertainment value.

It’s practically difficult to believe that The 2021 Karma GS-6 shares a resemblance with the Revero GT alone as it still clearly has oodles of Fisker Karma DNA flowing through its veins.

A decade-old car design should not feel so new, but it still feels fresh somehow, even though the series-hybrid technology that drives the car is no longer novel.

Most enthusiast misplacing the GS-6 for other car brands isn’t out of place as it sleek and well-crafted exterior with its performance matches with The class of a Tesla or a Jaguar.

Also to the fact that is more of a new product that is ready to take other brands by storm in the automobile market.

Moving towards a more electrified future, Karma GS-6 has come to stay and is real as any other car which you can buy and drive and it’s here for a piece of that hybrid-car pie.

A Brief Review

2021 karma GS-6: Here are the Features you should know

The twists and turns of the GS-6 story started with the Fisker Karma back in 2011, shortly followed by bankruptcy in 2013, the design, manufacturing facility, and other key parts were then bought by Wanxiang, which created Karma Automotive.

After making some updates, it launched the car as the Karma Revero in 2016 and then revamped it as the Revero GT in 2019.

Arguably the biggest change came earlier this year when the whole thing changed again and the Revero was rebooted as the Karma GS-6.

More than just a name change, it also saw Karma slash the price considerably. Where the Revero GT had started at around $145,000, the GS-6 kicks off at a far more palatable $83,900

Somehow, that price drop has come without sacrificing much in the way of the Karma experience.

You still get the beguiling exterior design – something the automaker has, sensibly, left mostly alone and which remains one of the most stunning in the sedan category – and the well-equipped cabin.

You also get a plug-in hybrid drivetrain too, though that’s been improved considerably since the PHEV’s early days.

Its rivals with greater range cant match the GS-6 on sheer aesthetics as Karma’s car turns heads in a way no Porsche Taycan or Tesla Model S can.

There are lingering foibles to consider, sure, but they’re much easier to accept when a car has this much personality.


2021 karma GS-6: Here are the Features you should know

It’s a twin-motor electric design, however instead of the more common e-AWD setup used by most competitors, both motors are mounted on the rear axle.

True torque vectoring is available on the GS-6S “Sport” variant, which allows Karma to vary the amount of power sent to each rear wheel individually.

A 28 kWh battery provides up to 80 miles of electric-only range and can be recharged in about 4-5 hours using a 240V outlet or in about 34 minutes using a 45 kW DC fast charger.

The GS-6 also has an onboard gas engine that serves as a range extender. Whereas the original Fisker Karma featured a relatively raw GM engine, the Karma now has a BMW 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbocharged engine that is far more refined.

With a full tank of gas and a fully charged battery, the total driving range is 360 miles. The BMW link may spark your mind, as the GS-6’s hybridization strategy is strikingly similar to that of the recently defunct BMW i8.

In truth, both cars have the same gas engine. The setup suited Karma’s GT aims perfectly, though the i8 never quite felt as fast and visceral as its space-age design promised.

GSe-6 is in the line-up by Karma. This will mark the end of the gas engine, replacing it with a bigger battery pack.

With up to 110 kWh to play with, the company predicts, the electric range will rise to as much as 300 miles on a charge.

It’ll start at $79,900 before any tax incentives, and there’ll be fancier GSe-6 Luxury and GSe-6 Sport versions too. The latter should do 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds, Karma estimates.

The Fascinating Interior

2021 karma GS-6: Here are the Features you should know

Karma GS-6 interior has all the modern features a supercar of its class should have and even more with a carefully stitched Bridge of Weir leather, wrapped around carbon-fiber trim and splashes of real metal.

The driver gets fully digital instrumentation, and there’s a 10.2-inch touchscreen in the center that supports wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A 7.1-channel audio system with a 680W amp is standard, too.

The center console has the electric window switch rather than the traditional door this certainly will demand years of muscle memory to overcome. The side mirrors are adjusted by the central touchscreen.

Karma’s infotainment system is highly stylized, though once you figure out the touchpoints for media, HVAC, and other frequently-accessed functions it starts to make a little more sense.

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